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An edgy, badass motherfucker. He'll kick your ass at anything except Mariocart. You might mistake him for Bob Dylan at first glance. He's very manly and not cute or nerdly at all.
Dude, did you hear that sweet riff that guy just played? What a Cleve!
by SomeLikeItHot March 08, 2009
A person with abnormally big ass lip/lips; swollen
Damn! nigga u got some Cleves'
by Tony Starks March 03, 2005
To open up and discharge one's nipple onto an absorbent surface. Usually capitalised, and not followed by a space; instead most writers conjoin it with the following word.
I am selling a single bed, Clevedon.

I Clevedon the mattress, thus dirtying it.
by Andreas Vegas April 30, 2008
A person with abnormally big lip/lips.
Swollen lips
Damn! nigga u got a Cleves'
by Tony Starks March 03, 2005
Loser kid
Cleve sure is a loser
by Kyle March 25, 2003

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