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3 definitions by Arxces

n. Any form of injected or inhaled drugs. Derrived from the stimpack used by marines in Starcraft to enhance their speed.

See also stim.
Aw, the stimpack's gonna have him up there for ages!
by Arxces July 29, 2005
A casual term used to refer to a cache of drugs kept by someone for everyday use. Used mostly in Asian cities, although there is a limited use in the USA.
Derr he goes, into d corner. It's stashie time.
by Arxces February 17, 2005
A derogatory term used to describe a person who is into taking drugs, smoking weed or even smoking cigarettes obsessivly. Slang alternative to faggot. Used widely in Asian cities by urban English-speakers. See also Farg.
Awww... Dat guy izza real fargot, can't lay his hands offa his stashie.
by Arxces February 17, 2005