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I use my flashlight to fanangle my way out of the situation
by Kevinsmells July 05, 2009
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verb, syn: mess with, fuck around with, screw up. Also could imply sexual undertones depending on how it is used.
I fanangled someone last night.
by SLAGATHOR09 June 08, 2009
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To have an accident with a lawn mower, blender or other such sharp blade-like thingies. Also to be mutilated such as in the Saw movies.
Me: I'm not going to go in there they'll fanangle me.
Sarge: I don't care you do as ordered soldier.
by Zukazamme May 31, 2007
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verb: to manipulate moving parts in a way too complex to aptly describe with words (especially if said complexity involves moving another piece or pieces out of the way in a not entirely intuitive or even frustrating fashion); often used to describe getting multiple moving pieces in the correct relative position on transforming toys
"Next you're gonna untab the backpack section and fanangle it around his body such that it's on his chest"
by Typhoon Freeze January 05, 2017
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