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A crystaline structure which has radioactive properties. Also can be used as a form of currency if mined and handled properly. Can be used as a weapon if mined and liquified. Has startling regrowth properties which make it particularly hard to control. The Scrin have a building which can increase regrowth rate of Tiberium. There are two known colors, green and a light blue color. Tiberium can be primarily found in the Command & Conquer Tiberium series.
Stay away from that tiberium if you value your life.
by zukazamme June 01, 2007
An idea that can be applied on an intergalactic scale, although more commonly used to state that a certain ideas apply or are accepted by all humans in general.
The idea that the brain is the primary thought processing center in the human body is universally accepted.
The theory of emotions and their correlations to facial expressions can be universally applied.
by Zukazamme May 15, 2008
The "Electric Darkness" just before a concert starts. The moment when the lights dim and everyone goes quite and the anticipation is at its highest point.
The sekalectira last night seemed to last forever.
by zukazamme October 03, 2008
1.Similar to universally except that the range and scope is limited to this planet alone as opposed to the entire universe.
2.The idea can be applied anywhere on the planet, not just that specific region.
The aftermath of a break-up is planetarily similar.
by Zukazamme May 15, 2008
When you pass in front of a mirror, stop, look in the mirror and mess with your hair even if nothing is wrong. This action of unintentionally and compulsively messing with, or simply running your hand through, your hair is a narswish.
Did you notice that he did a narswish like once every five minutes today?
by zukazamme October 03, 2008
1. To postpone indefinitely.
2. The point in time immediately after a pwning.
1. I have a feeling he will be postpwning this one.
2. He's suffering from postpwning depression.
by zukazamme January 16, 2009
To have an accident with a lawn mower, blender or other such sharp blade-like thingies. Also to be mutilated such as in the Saw movies.
Me: I'm not going to go in there they'll fanangle me.
Sarge: I don't care you do as ordered soldier.
by Zukazamme May 31, 2007
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