To be unsuccessful; one who has not done something right
Wow, you Fail pretty hard
by Austin M April 23, 2008
President George W. Bush Jr.
Aww dude I just bush'd my math test.
Maybe if you study next time you won't fail so hard.
by 001gamer August 11, 2010
When someone does not succeed, usually in a hilarious way. Pure awesomeness to see.
OMG, Jake totally FAILED when he fell out of that airplane. Onto a bear. Naked.
by John A. Mason February 15, 2010
a funny, very ironic happening that leaves the person in question sad or hurt, but not dead.
On CoD4, trying to throw a grenade out of a window-only to hit the window-sill and bouncing back inside would be considered a fail.
by chiefjoboo June 29, 2009
Used as a noun to describe the state of something that has failed to accomplish its goals.

An Internet meme that is applied to any humorous or ironic item/topic. has a lot of examples of what it means to fail. has an example of a bakery truck with the brand name "Bimbo" on the side of it. Clearly a marketing fail.
by qkrthnu May 16, 2009
When someone tries, but does not succeed. An obvious mistake they made whilst trying to look good.

You fail for looking up 'fail' in UD.
You = fail.
by Slush Kamuri February 14, 2009
You lose, Obama wins.
Person a) Omg I just fell ova infront ov that suppperrrhot girl! :O
Person b) Fail.
by Yoyogiddysally January 21, 2009

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