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To be unsuccessful; one who has not done something right
Wow, you Fail pretty hard
by Austin M April 23, 2008
67 72
President George W. Bush Jr.
Aww dude I just bush'd my math test.
Maybe if you study next time you won't fail so hard.
by 001gamer August 11, 2010
3 9
When someone does not succeed, usually in a hilarious way. Pure awesomeness to see.
OMG, Jake totally FAILED when he fell out of that airplane. Onto a bear. Naked.
by John A. Mason February 15, 2010
2 8
a funny, very ironic happening that leaves the person in question sad or hurt, but not dead.
On CoD4, trying to throw a grenade out of a window-only to hit the window-sill and bouncing back inside would be considered a fail.
by chiefjoboo June 29, 2009
2 8
Used as a noun to describe the state of something that has failed to accomplish its goals.

An Internet meme that is applied to any humorous or ironic item/topic. failquail.com has a lot of examples of what it means to fail.
failquail.com has an example of a bakery truck with the brand name "Bimbo" on the side of it. Clearly a marketing fail.
by qkrthnu May 16, 2009
1 7
When someone tries, but does not succeed. An obvious mistake they made whilst trying to look good.

You fail for looking up 'fail' in UD.
You = fail.
by Slush Kamuri February 14, 2009
24 30
You lose, Obama wins.
Person a) Omg I just fell ova infront ov that suppperrrhot girl! :O
Person b) Fail.
by Zooooot January 21, 2009
25 31