To overtly, covertly, and/or coercively attempt to induce you to give your personal information to data miners and indirectly to stalkers, psychos and the secret police.
"I'd get a discount if I sign up for a store card, but I'm afraid I'll be facebooked"
by Non Dehyo May 07, 2012
When something comes out that is new and revolutionary, then a year or so later something else comes out that takes the concept of the first thing and makes it better, ultimately leading to more popularity of the second thing and the decline of the first thing. That's getting facebooked.

Ex- myspace defeat by facebook
Guy 1: Hey remember when Guitar Hero 3 came out?
Guy 2:Yeah
Guy 1: But then Rock Band came out the same year and was better?
Guy 2:Yeah
Guy 1:Guitar Hero totally got facebooked!
by "Caesar" The Great September 28, 2010
When someone forgets to log all the way out of facebook, or has their computer set to auto log in and allowes someone else to use the computer. The user then vandalizes the owners facebook. usually with status changes proclaiming homosexuality, but anything on facebook is fair game.
Friend, "so you finally came out of the closet?"
Owner, "Wait, what?"
Friend, "I saw it on your facebook, you have a boyfriend now."
Owner, "fuck, Dan facebooked me again."
by AVDeefoz January 19, 2011
When you masterbate to pictures off of Facebook.
That picture of sharon at the beach in the two piece got so Facebooked last night!
by wstcst August 07, 2010
When you've budgeted time to catch up on notifications and read status updates.
I haven't checked PerezHilton yet... I'm still facebooked.
by VisualScott November 12, 2009
The act of dropping a book onto someones face.
I seen Johny sleeping on the couch so I facebooked him.
by Callahan Auto Sandusky February 02, 2011
To share something on Facebook.
I just Facebooked this Youtube video.
by MattC1977 December 04, 2010

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