To share something on Facebook.
I just Facebooked this Youtube video.
by MattC1977 December 04, 2010
to have sent a message or wall post to someone on facebook.
jane: "hey did u tell michelle about the party?"

jim: "ya i facebooked her about it last night."
by aswiens December 09, 2007
Looking at your profile picture on the person who gets "cut" off from the picture
dang, i got facebooked...
by Ultimate Noobage September 07, 2009
The action of using the Facebook. Often used as a slam.
"I facebooked your mom last night!"
by mjw5 March 07, 2006
When you write something personal on facebook, and then someone who you're not really friends with finds out.
I didn't want my relationship status to appear on facebook, so I removed it. Facebook handled this by creating a mini-feed item that said "YourDailyLOL is no longer listed as Single!" Then random coworkers came up to me to ask about the "big news." The irony, though, is that I've been in an ltr for over a year, but just didn't want to announce it. I got facebooked.
by YourDailyLOL September 06, 2008
To chat with someone on facebook.
Johnny:Hey! Steven just sent me a messaged me on facebook

Jimmy:You mean he facebooked you?

Johnny:Oh yeahhh.
by Pinocle August 29, 2009
when during the act of oral sex the receiving parter flips around and farts in the giving partner's face
I heard you facebooked Jill after the prom.
by doogiehowzit July 03, 2009
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