when you get screwed over by someone facebook
my gf didn't know i was at that party until she saw Samantha's comments on my wall. I totally got face fucked.
by stefymarty July 20, 2009
Top Definition
It's too obvious. For a man to fuck a womans face/mouth with his cock. Typically when the woman is on her back.
Dude, I was fucking her missionary, pulled out, and Face-fucked her!
by Jamie Seven September 09, 2005
When your face is so broke out or covered in a rash and fucked up looking, that makeup won't even cover it, and you don't want to be seen by anyone including yourself.
Damn bro did you see that bitches face at the club last night? She was face-fucked!!!!!!!!
by Htown8162015 January 16, 2016
A person has been Facefucked when their significant other falls in love with someone else on Facebook and leaves them.
Your wife hooks up with her first boyfriend after he sends a friend request on Facebook. They fall in love and she leaves you. You just got Facefucked.
by np-pm October 12, 2013
To fuck ones face...uncontrollably....usually done during sex...or for shits and giggles,to a best friend in front of a few close buddies
BAM! Bitch you just been Face Fucked.
by Mr earl mason October 04, 2010
to get owned by someone who has posted something about u on facebook or could be someone hacking into ur facebook acount somehow and posting things 4 u, therefore looking like a prick when u next go on it, it can be so bad that people just cancel their account all together
person1: my m8 got facefucked by someone hacking into his account, he had 2 cancel his account it got that bad
person2: is he gonna create a new account
person1: doubt it, he's traumatised enough
by DJ SPYKERZ(SCOUSED OUT) July 06, 2009
The ilegal entering of your Facebook account by a friend in order to change details and information about yourself!
Somebody only Facefucked me yesterday!...they logged in as me and changed my sex from male to female!
by Nick Gedge January 14, 2009
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