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Fuck the police. Coined in early 1998 by a C.B. local. It is the only true definition of this word and all the othere can f*ck off.
I'm sick of these pigs harassing us. FTP baby.
by Valo February 15, 2005
Fuck That Puto... made popular by comedian George Lopez on his new HBO Special.
"John Kerry? FTP! Fuck That Puto!
by Carlitos Way February 26, 2007
Means "File Transfer Protocol". It is a way to share files over the net. It's like networking computers, that aren't on your network. You can transfer any shared files, provided you have the proper IP and L/P.
"Do you have an ftp server?"
by Felicia January 31, 2003
1. File Transfer Protocol - Method of sharing files over the net.
2. First To Post - Used commonly by Neopets BDCers.
3. Fuck the Police
1. I downloaded that file over FTP today.
2. FTP, I pwn!
3. FTP! WTH Did I do?
by neorser June 02, 2006
FUCK THE PO-LICE. Often heard after getting pulled over while in possession.
"License and registration"
"Man, FTP!"
by T-UNiT November 22, 2003
For the Penis. Used a lot by resistance players on the game Ingress to define themselves and their sexual preferences.
Example 1:
Guy 1: Man, I didn't know jojo went that way.
Guy 2: Yeah dude, he's crazy FTP.

Example 2:
New Guy: Hello everyone!
Guy 1: Welcome to the Resistance!
Guy 2: Fuck toads!
New guys: Eewww, I like girls.
Guy 3: We're crazy FTP!
Guy 4: FTP
MarsOG: FTP!
by jojointimdator May 13, 2015
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