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A militant Republican army which split from the Official IRA in 1969 because of their refusal of violence. Started off mostly as a defence group but soon began attacks on British military personell. Primarily a green Republican group but from the mid 70s adopted a Marxist-Leninist outlook. Members have been trained in Libya and by the PLO and have maintained links with them and various other groups, including ETA and FARC.
Groups that continue to use the name and have not given into British imperialism are the CIRA, RIRA and INLA.
The Irish Republican Army originated in the 1800s and even before that, though not widely organized.
by SilentRhapsody February 08, 2004
Irish Republican Army; a militant organization of Irish nationalists founded with the aim of striving for a united independent Ireland by means of guerrilla warfare.
The IRA wishes to drive the British forces out of Northern Ireland and achieve a united independent Ireland.
by Dancing with Fire September 03, 2012
A Paramilitary orginization in Ireland dedicated to the unification of Ireland though armed struggle. The modern IRA is the Provisional IRA, being formed in 1969-1970 after a ceasefire by the Official IRA. Originally formed for defence of the catholic community, the IRA soon began attacking military and police personal and even opened up a bombing campaign on the British mainland. Supplied mainly with weapons from Libya and funded by supporters in the US, the IRA is considered the most sophisticated paramilitary group in the world.
The IRA is the military wing of Sinn Fein
by uptheprovos September 27, 2005
Irish Republican Army, people who faught againts english opression and taxes dating back to the earliest years of english occupation of the fatherland. But never got fully organized untill the 1900s. Claimed responsibility for numerous attacks on english towns in northern ireland.
the IRA fight for the fatherland and a united ireland
by playa del seville July 29, 2005
The IRA's war is a thousand years old and more, it was started by those who would take as their privilage what could only be got and held by the decimation of a race.
While I don't condone violence and terrorism, I do dream of a united Ireland.
by Irishman1 October 05, 2005
IRA: Irish Republican Army

A guerrila army situated in ireland, whose operations have been concentrated in the occupied north of ireland and on the foreign British mainland.Their main aim is to secure a united ireland which would involve driving out the british forces from the island of ireland. they had the support of many citizens of ireland mostly from the catholic nationalst community.

The organisation follows in the footsteps of a long line of armed revolution in Ireland, including a revolution mounted by Theobald Wolfe Tone, the father of republicanism, who himself was a protestant.

During an expansive campaign in the 1970's, 1980's and 1990's the IRA was able to secure large quantities of weapons from the US, the Balkans and Libya. they used these weapons to mount the largest bombing campaign ever seen on the british mainland and gain many concessions and drive the british establishment to the bargaining table.
During this time the organisation was able to become the most powerful organisation in Ireland, basically destroying all loyalist organisations in the North and killing hundreds of british soldiers. They also managed to kill two intensively trained SAS soldiers, a major achievement for a volunteer force.
The IRA always has taken a hard line against drugs and has been known to kill dealers and importers. they have never used drugs to increase power or funds, unlike all loyalist groups.

Recently, after achieving their utmost with violence, the organisation have decided to follow a strictly political path. Support has grown through this initiative and they will achieve a united ireland through this method.

weapons have been decommisioned to secure representation of republicans in the government. Despite this, the IRA has the support, if ever there was the need for another armed campaign in Ireland and could wage war indefinitely.

The IRA are heroes

Tiocfaidh ar la

Ireland unfree, shall never be at peace- Padraig Pearse
by James Connolly November 01, 2007
A paramilitary organization fighting against the English in Northern Ireland for almost 90 years. It is known as a terrorist organization, but members and supporters think of it as a liberation, freedom fighter organization. It is responsible for the bombings and deaths of many innocent towns and people, mainley the belfast area. Many people have harsh thoughts towards the IRA because they have killed many people. But remember that as far back as the 1600's, the English had been treating the Irish people like shit (Oliver Cromwell, for example), seeing them as the subhuman race, and over the course of almost 400 years of tyranny and oppresion, killed more Irish people than the IRA would ever dream of killing English people. So the Irish do have a reason to be pissed off.
Englands been fuckin' with us for more than 400 years, and the IRA has put its foot down to that
by DtredsterLIU May 26, 2007
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