Fondle the pussy.
When you're going down on a girl and you start playing with here pussy. It's equivalent to playing with her pussy but you need a more elaborate word to describe the action. When you fondle her pussy you are FTPing her.
by FTPer January 24, 2011
This is an acronym meaning for the pussy. This can be used two ways.

1. A guy or lesbian who's current number one priority is sexual stimulation from women and their *****. May be a perv, child rapist, or just a normal guy who is currently horny.

2. A guy (or sometimes even girl) who is showing weak behavior. This may be expressed through laziness, literal physical weakness, extreme stupidity, or unwillingness to take a leap of faith or do a risky task.

This is a very new meaning of this acronym, however, this meaning is slowly gaining popularity.
1. "Dude, seriously, I know that girl over their is incredibly hot in her bikini but can you stop being FTP for a moment and finish listening to what I'm saying?"

2 a.

Person 1: "But I don't feel like working out today. I'm just too tired from not doing anything productive whatsoever."
Person 2: "stop being so FTP and get some meat on those scrawny toothpicks you call biceps"


person 1: "you know, bull testicals are considered a delicacy in some regions. Want to try some with me? They might surprise you."
person 2: "I think some things were meant to be left uneaten..."
person 1: "Come on. You won't know until you try. Stop being so FTP."
by tianang December 27, 2010
Fuck That Pussy. Simple meaning.
"Yo bro im gonna go get my girl." "Be Sure to FTP!!!"
by Kahnvict220 July 17, 2009
Free to Play - Used by gamers to describe a game (usually an MMO of some sort) which does not require money to play.
Have you heard about the new MMO from that Korean company?

Yeah! I hear it's Ftp, which is cool.
by Blendach December 25, 2008
From The Pavilion
An online cricket management made for man by God himself.
Wanna play FTP?
by Neprae April 11, 2011
acronym meaning for the pussy and can be used two ways

1. When someone (usually a guy) is being horny and checking out women and their *******.

2. When someone is showing weak mental or physical behavior and thus being a pussy. This can be expressed through weak physical condition, laziness, unwillingness to try new things, or extreme stupidity.
1. "Dude, seriously, I know that girl over there is sexy with that bikini but can you stop being FTP for just 30 more seconds and finish listening to what I'm trying to tell you?"

2. Person 1: "I know I promised, but I just don't feel like going to the gym. I'm too tired from doing absolutely nothing and don't feel like risking an injury."

Person 2: "Oh my fucking god you are such a lazy ass! Stop being FTP so much and come with me to the gym to get some meat on those toothpicks you call biceps."
by tianang December 27, 2010
"Fuck That Puto or Fuck That Puta" meaning fuck that fag get or fuck that bitch just in spanish
FTP he left us with the fucking bill again isn't that a bitch

Or FTP she left me for that prick Anthony
by B.O.A CaOs August 17, 2010

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