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Didn't start the Gangsta era, that was back with N.W.A. It did however revolutionize gangsta rap with its melodic, three dimensional beats. Before that a repetitive loop was used for a beat. Released in 1992 by Dr. Dre following his breakup with N.W.A.
Shit, playin' The Chronic just makes me wanna go to da hood and pump my hydrolics.
by T-Unit January 31, 2005
FUCK THE PO-LICE. Often heard after getting pulled over while in possession.
"License and registration"
"Man, FTP!"
by T-UNiT November 22, 2003
being very attractive and/or sexy,goodlooking,hansome,beautiful,

extream heat
yo that gurl is sooo hot i wanna get with her 2night
by T-Unit May 05, 2005
Two fingers in the pink, and two in the stink. Make the "live long and prosper" sign, with two fingers in her pussy and two in her poop-chute.
Damn, that girl was a freak! She was beggin' for the shocker!
by T-Unit February 11, 2005
The Queen
T-Unit love her
and hav all had her
apart from fatboi bennion her son!

I want 2 stick ma sex wee inside her!!!
She makes T-Unit do a sex wee!!!
and most otha ppl "dirty bitch"
by T-UNIT April 26, 2004
When the really smart kid in your class is told by the teacher to no longer speak.
Unallowed to continue acting as if they know everything.
See: Shut down.
"BRAD - you have been mansburied." -teacher
by T-UNiT November 22, 2003
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