Forgot To Press Send
Chick: Want to come Netflix and Chill? ::send::
Guy: FUCK YEAH I DO! ::closes phone::

*Waits 30mins*

Guy: "Why hasn't this chick texted me back?"

::checks phone:: ::send::

Guy: Sorry! FTPS
by lethalmajik December 16, 2015
Meaning fuck that pussy, when seeing a hot girl and wanting to have sexual intimacy with her pussy, or in other words, fuck her.
Woah bro did you see jade today? i just wanted to ftp
Holy shit man did you hear that bruce said to Alana he wanted to ftp, that was so phat
by MimiWS13 August 26, 2015
For the plow. Verb. Making a move to try and have sex with a girl
After taking Ana out to a romantic evening at BK Lounge, Ike went in ftp.
by captnscud November 19, 2010
"f.t.p" is an abreviation for the word "fuck that puto" a word that can be used in txt messages or in regular conversationz to insult the other person.
MAN Juan F.T.P and go hit on his gurl man>
by MANUEL C< MEME> March 10, 2007
fuck the prep; meaning St. Joe's Prep of Philadelphia
Sallie #1: aw man our football team just lost to those faggy prep kids 40-0!

Sallie #2: shit dude FTP!
by i heart prep April 26, 2009
Free to Play - Used by gamers to describe a game (usually an MMO of some sort) which does not require money to play.
Have you heard about the new MMO from that Korean company?

Yeah! I hear it's Ftp, which is cool.
by Blendach December 25, 2008
Fuck That Pussy. Simple meaning.
"Yo bro im gonna go get my girl." "Be Sure to FTP!!!"
by Kahnvict220 July 17, 2009
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