FTPs are (Feminine Tectonic Plates) are seisms that are powered by primal forces originating in a woman's hot, inner core, FTPs can move ponderously about at varying speeds and in different directions immediately following extreme or intense fucking.

With the high temperatures and immense pressures found in a woman's wet inner core during a sexual climax, these post orgasmic reactions to acute sexual arousal ex.slammage, sometimes force a woman’s FTPs to suddenly shift. As these ‘pallates eroticus’ move, divergence and/or convergence occurs along their borders, and tremendous energies are unleashed from deep inside resulting in tumultuous physical tremors that compel a woman’s entire body to involuntary convulse, spasm, twitch and shudder for indeterminate periods of time after woo hoo, thingy sex.

Men can find the sensations associated with simultaneous divergence and convergence of FTPs on their cock to be a powerful and motivating aphrodisiac, often making their erections attain a consistency that is harder than Chinese mathematics - and allow them to immediately recommence fucking a partner over and over and over again while she remains incapacitated from the spastic effects of the shifting FTP delirium.
When her FTPs kicked in, it moved my couch.
by L&G Conversations December 07, 2009
Fuck this place
I am sick of this place so FTP
by hellya2511 April 04, 2011
Fight the Power
We're gonna take a stand and FTP!
by mincinator February 10, 2011
abbreviation for Face The Pillow
After 8 minutes of intercourse in the missionary position, it was time for her to "ftp", lazy doggy, being the preffered finishing postion for morning sex.
by dogh20 December 29, 2011
Fuck That Pussy. Simple meaning.
"Yo bro im gonna go get my girl." "Be Sure to FTP!!!"
by Kahnvict220 July 17, 2009
fuck the prep; meaning St. Joe's Prep of Philadelphia
Sallie #1: aw man our football team just lost to those faggy prep kids 40-0!

Sallie #2: shit dude FTP!
by i heart prep April 26, 2009
Fuck the Prep. What students say during exam time or other harsh school times at St. Joes Prep.
Guy 1- Yo man i got 4 tests tomorrow.

Guy 2- Same! FTP!!!!
by FTP man March 10, 2009

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