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somebody who believes they have many friends but they are really just a pain in the arse. Stands for Friend Of No Cunt.
" Get the fuck out of here, you're nothing but a FONC".
by Chris Cochrane March 08, 2004
Friend of no Cunt

Meaning exactly what it stands for - you are definatley not a friend of a cunt or a friend of anyone at all depending on where you are
Jeez that girl is nothing but a F.O.N.C
by Bexstacy December 14, 2006
FONC is the abbreviation of Fuck Off Night Club. It is commonly a male dominated event involving a 1-10 km walk while drunk and drinking at night hours usually after 11. The destination is predetermined, ordinarily a place to sit or to purchase supplies, whereupon you retreat back to the point of origin. FONC, irrespective of its aggressive sounding nature, usually entails quiet around houses and endorses deep, drunk discussion.
- So we FONC'd to Road Pantry
- I feel like a FONC tonight.
by freeze43 December 17, 2007
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