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Stands for Universally, Not Overly a Bit Like My Fat Russian Girlfriend's Obese Sheep's Mother. A term used to denote the ridiculous nature of internet acronyms. Pronounced "Uni-Nob-Lim-Pour-Rob-Son"
by freeze43 December 17, 2007
FONC is the abbreviation of Fuck Off Night Club. It is commonly a male dominated event involving a 1-10 km walk while drunk and drinking at night hours usually after 11. The destination is predetermined, ordinarily a place to sit or to purchase supplies, whereupon you retreat back to the point of origin. FONC, irrespective of its aggressive sounding nature, usually entails quiet around houses and endorses deep, drunk discussion.
- So we FONC'd to Road Pantry
- I feel like a FONC tonight.
by freeze43 December 17, 2007

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