Non-derogatorry usage
A name children use for their grandpa.
Hey bompa, will you tell us a story?
by 1025 November 07, 2004
The Bompa is a small hybrid frog/cat that lives in Sweden.
Ylva- Hej Simon, look a bompa!
by Roopa the baron of Sorunda February 04, 2009
someone who falls asleep while recieving a blow job.
he fell asleep while i was sucking him off....again! What a bompa
by Ella January 09, 2004
A person who exhibits behaviour not indifferent to a crazed urangutan, or wild boar. From Dave Magee, can be linked with ding to form bompa ding.
That guy just walked in that dog turd, what a bompa.
by Wayne L December 29, 2004

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