Internet slang meaning "fuck my life", used mostly by rich snobby teams who think their life sucks any time something remotely unfortunate happens.
This is the worst Martin Luther King Jr. Day ever. I asked my dad for 2 Porsches and a Benz to drive when i turn 16, but he got me 2 Benzes and a Porsche! FML
by j7ke May 26, 2010
noun - A shortened term for the website '', but can also be used as a shortened way to say 'Fuck my life'. It is a website which includes multitudes of fictional stories about people having their days ruined in some horrible or upsetting way. The handful of stories that are true, however, always occur as a fault of the writer.
"Hey, your cat just ate your fish."


"Because you left it out of the bowl."

"Dude, FML."
by Sociopathy March 22, 2010
Short for Fuck My Life, and is the most over-said phrase that (most) people use in not-bad-at-all situations.
by FMAEL August 25, 2009
Fuck my life, an unfortunate event which usually involves someone getting hurt owned pwned or insulted.
Today, my friends had ditched me for a party I hadn't been invited to so I was sitting home alone. The only other thing in my house was the mosquito I nicknamed Fred. I liked to watch Fred fly around and try to suck my blood. 20 minutes later, I found Fred's dead body. I was actually sad. FML
by someone...MUAHAHAH August 02, 2009
Fruit my loom
Your mom told me to fruit her loom or FML
by sexynig June 18, 2009
"Fucking My Lady" polite way to say that you are fucking your girl. Used mainly on Myspace.
Larry: What are you doing man?
Bob: I'm FML!!
by effinyouup May 29, 2009
fuck my life.
An example of a FML moment would be when you wake up on a Saturday morning ready for work and upon arriving at work, you realize it is indeed Saturday.
by srhwo May 05, 2009

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