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Feel My Legs
Kid- "Mom, why do you keep saying fml? What's it mean?"
Mom- "Uh, feel my legs, honey"
Other lie/excuse/variations include:
farts my linger
freshen my lettuce
feed me linguine
fasten my laces
by kthxbah March 11, 2011
94 61
Generally short for Fuck My Life People tend to use this slang when they have done something wrong
Me: I'm really sorry I didn't mean to spill that wine on you!
Friend: Well It's going to stain... Great!
Me: FML!
by Mike the greatest peep around! October 25, 2010
88 55
short for: Fishy Meat Loaf
Wow morghyn thats some pretty bomb FML, you add tuna into the beef when you made it?
by CyberNeo July 10, 2010
86 53
A slang short form for "Feel my Legs" originating in Hawaii. Mostly used by shark attack survivors, women who aged well, and men that shaved for the first time.
"FML girlfriends, its like im still 20!"

"Gnarrly dude... FML? They got radical scars on it."

"Dude FML! Its so soft! Like a newborn baby! No im not being gay im being serious! FML!!!"
by Subzero55 February 27, 2010
91 58
It stands for "Fuck my Life". There are times when theres nothing else to say but that.
Randy: Thank God its Saturday tomorrow.
Buck: Dude its Wednesday tomorrow.
Randy: Arrhhh FML.
by Call me Nothing January 27, 2010
85 52
Acronym for "Fuck My Life"
Today I was fired from my job because the mug on my desk said "Fuck" on it. FML
by TreeBobJoe December 13, 2009
87 54
Stands for Fuck My Life. A popular website (fmylife.com) where people can post about shitty things that happened to them.

While a lot of FML stories are fake nowadays, they can still be plausible and entertaining, unlike the faggots on MLIA who post about how they got chased by some dude dressed in a banana suit at Walmart.
Today, I thought it would be funny to tickle our high school's star wrestler. He responded by punching me in the face. FML.
by jimminator July 04, 2011
86 54