what poser dickheads say to feel important and needed. the intended response is supposed to be something re-assuring, but don't ever give in to these attention-seeking wastes of DNA.

"Roughly translated": Fuck My Life
Ted: Ugh, I have so much homework. FML."

You: Shut up Ted, you're an idiot.
by cherrymygrapes July 02, 2009
Nokio (Dru Hill and Black Angel Down) claimed FML for his own and stated that it would no longer be a negative (see other definitions). FML stands for fuck making love. It's a grown man/woman thing referencing a one night stand, more specifically the act of "fucking" versus "making love".
She said "FML. Tear down these walls, the one around my heart that makes it hard to get involved and the one around the place that you want to get inside."
by Red Challenge Flag November 05, 2014
an easier way of saying "forgot my lunch" this term will be used when you have arrived somewhere without your lunch.
Dammit i fml again!

Oh crap i fml !
by caroline0alana November 19, 2010
Acronym for "Fuck My Life"
Today I was fired from my job because the mug on my desk said "Fuck" on it. FML
by TreeBobJoe December 13, 2009
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