Generally short for Fuck My Life People tend to use this slang when they have done something wrong
Me: I'm really sorry I didn't mean to spill that wine on you!
Friend: Well It's going to stain... Great!
Me: FML!
by Mike the greatest peep around! October 25, 2010
short for: Fishy Meat Loaf
Wow morghyn thats some pretty bomb FML, you add tuna into the beef when you made it?
by CyberNeo July 10, 2010
Internet slang meaning "fuck my life", used mostly by rich snobby teams who think their life sucks any time something remotely unfortunate happens.
This is the worst Martin Luther King Jr. Day ever. I asked my dad for 2 Porsches and a Benz to drive when i turn 16, but he got me 2 Benzes and a Porsche! FML
by j7ke May 26, 2010
It stands for "Fuck my Life". There are times when theres nothing else to say but that.
Randy: Thank God its Saturday tomorrow.
Buck: Dude its Wednesday tomorrow.
Randy: Arrhhh FML.
by Call me Nothing January 27, 2010
1. Fuck my life, a very funny website where people talk about how bad their lives are.

2. Free misguided leprochauns, what you tell your parents FML means.
Parent: FML? Why are you on a website called FML? What does that stand for?

by freemisguidedleprochauns October 27, 2009
fuck my life
girl: my boyfriend broke up with me. FML
by haausk August 07, 2009
what poser dickheads say to feel important and needed. the intended response is supposed to be something re-assuring, but don't ever give in to these attention-seeking wastes of DNA.

"Roughly translated": Fuck My Life
Ted: Ugh, I have so much homework. FML."

You: Shut up Ted, you're an idiot.
by cherrymygrapes July 02, 2009

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