Feed My Llama
person1: Dude i really dont like you

person2: I really dont care go and fml
by count thingamajig November 29, 2010
Short for: Fuck my life
My parents were celebrating my birthday wrong for 16 years. FML
by Jellytugs March 15, 2010
Nokio (Dru Hill and Black Angel Down) claimed FML for his own and stated that it would no longer be a negative (see other definitions). FML stands for fuck making love. It's a grown man/woman thing referencing a one night stand, more specifically the act of "fucking" versus "making love".
She said "FML. Tear down these walls, the one around my heart that makes it hard to get involved and the one around the place that you want to get inside."
by Red Challenge Flag November 05, 2014
A slang short form for "Feel my Legs" originating in Hawaii. Mostly used by shark attack survivors, women who aged well, and men that shaved for the first time.
"FML girlfriends, its like im still 20!"

"Gnarrly dude... FML? They got radical scars on it."

"Dude FML! Its so soft! Like a newborn baby! No im not being gay im being serious! FML!!!"
by Subzero55 February 27, 2010
an easier way of saying "forgot my lunch" this term will be used when you have arrived somewhere without your lunch.
Dammit i fml again!

Oh crap i fml !
by caroline0alana November 19, 2010
Feel My Legs
Kid- "Mom, why do you keep saying fml? What's it mean?"
Mom- "Uh, feel my legs, honey"
Other lie/excuse/variations include:
farts my linger
freshen my lettuce
feed me linguine
fasten my laces
by kthxbah March 11, 2011
Fuck My Life
My life sucks, fml
by Hella Yeah13 December 28, 2009

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