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Frequently Asked Questions
This FAQ page is for your convenience.
by Evax November 11, 2002
Definition 1: Frequently Asked Questions

Definition 2: Another funnier way to say fuck.
John: Oh Faq i got an A on my test!!!!
John: i did nothing wrong....
by Yor Mother Faqer October 04, 2011
Stands for frequently asked questions. It is not a fancy spelling for fact.
The FAQs on the website gave me a lot of info.
by fagophile April 29, 2010
Frequently asked question. Often provided by websites, where nobody is there in person to help you with questions you have regarding the site's purpose and capabilities.
Here's a list of the website's FAQs.
by Diggity Monkeez February 01, 2005
Derived from the word fag, a faqs is a lame idiotic person who always makes a fool of himself. Faqs are charachtarised by small aspects of their appearance, such as crooked teeth, large ears and wear cheap clothes. They get very defensive when provoked, and use lame comebacks. They live in dumps and drive cars like Hyundai excels. They are loners and struggle to make friends, They end up getting teased, thrown stuff at, and bashed. They try to fit in with the other kids and hang around with them at lunch, but they end up getting pushed away from the group.

They are usually found hanging around the back of the school with kids 2 grades lower than their grade. You can see them hanging around Op Shops, Or the specials section at IGA where they stock up on heavily discounted Home Brand, Basics and Black and Gold products. Other places such as the Sunday Church sale is Gauranteed to give you some faqs.

Look at Celso, he's such a faqs
by Jack55 August 04, 2007
Often confused for FAQ (Frequently Asked questions), this is in actual fact a polite way of saying F*** You. If you say it phonetically that's how it sounds, but on paper it's more polite.
Dear Bobby
I think you are an idiot
From Suzy.
Dear Suzy
by Miss Foxy November 08, 2006
Short for "fuck you".
Not to be confused with FAQ, frequently asked questions.
Bill: You're an idiot.
Ted: FA-Q
by ~TPE February 22, 2007
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