a subtler way of saying "fuck you"
person 1: "That's what she said"
person 2: "Fa-Q man.....Fa-Q"
by riley532 February 08, 2009
a set of frequently asked questions and thier answers (initialism)
The FAQ page covers nearly every question asked.
by Light Joker June 05, 2005
Frequently asked questions.

A selection of questions that newbies may ask, and detailed answers covering all the basics of the website.
Urbandictionary needs an faq page.
by Gumba Gumba April 14, 2004
A Call of duty clan known by it's members as "Fuck You" or "predator magnets" due to the fact that every time an enemy predator missile is called in one of our clan mates get hit by it.
*Announcer* Enemy Predator missile incoming!
*predator hits*
Fa-Q________ - Predator missile
by Psycho Boy Blue February 17, 2010
Seminal Kalamazoo Michigan based punk rock band. Originally named FA-Q (as in "Fah - Q" - get it?), the band recorded 5 records and toured extensively in the late 80's and early 90's.

Consequently, the name of the band precedes the new definition of FAQ to "Frequently Asked Questions".

They later renamed the acronym to mean "Foolish American Quartet".

The band consisted of Bob Klomparens, Jeff "Chonk" Yonker, Ron Muniz and Geoff Halsey
"Did you catch the bitching new album from FAQ?"
by The Real Chonk June 05, 2009
A phonetic method of speaking out to co-workers and supervisors on a construction site.
FA - Q as seen written in large black marker on the back of a white hard hat.
by bgb3 February 06, 2009
1. a term frequently used by teenagers meaning fuck
2. Frequently asked questions
1. what the FAQ are you doing with my wife?!
2. get the frequently asked questions out of my house!
by Trey Calamity July 04, 2006
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