Fah means everything and nothing at the same time. It can be used for virtually anything. It can be used in the exact same sentence and have completely different meanings. It's all in the inflection.
"You are a such a fah (freakin' ass ho)!"

"You are such a fah (fine ass hottie)!"

"I'm tipping my 40 fah (for all homies)!"
by The Great Fah August 17, 2004
seeya, l8a in samoan
fah gurl imma seeya tomoro aiight
by sean September 20, 2003
Dismissing term. Uninterest. Carelessness

Reference to a fuckin' arsehole.
" Fah." -Followed by nonchallant shrug-

" Flippin' fah "
by blahbity June 14, 2004
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