the short way for saying "Funny As Hell" via text message, Facebook chat or any other electronic messaging way. Please do NOT say it in voice/in person conversations. You will just sound stupid.
Jane did the walk of shame this morning through the boy's dorms. FAH
by MaggieRei April 15, 2011
The Premier Squad-Up Klick brings to you, the elite coalition of Husla's, Pimps, and Balla's of the West Side of Seattle. Headquarters is located at "Tha Hot Spot" A.K.A. "Pili-Locos' Crib" Founders of F.A.H. consist of: Jerminator, Pili-Locos, Marioso, and G-Money (a.k.a Young Geezy) F.A.H. is furthermore copyrighted as of May 2006, all rights reserved by "Squad-Up Incorporated" ......FUCK-A-HOE!!!!
F.A.H. means Fuck-A-HOE!!! The premier Klick in the 206
by F.A.H. June 03, 2006
Funny as Hell
Did you see that episode of Family guy last night? It was FAH! hahahaha
by giggles10 August 11, 2011
The greatest band on the planet right now. Short for "The Fucking Assholes." It stars 80 Pound Tyler on vocals and drums, Dickhole Joe on guitar, Garrett the Fucking Bastard on bass, and the Unknown Asshole on drums and trumpet on their classic song "Stev" about hating Mexicans. There was a 90 Pound Tyler too who died.
- FAH comes straight from the streets, and they don't take shit! Skin Head Fist oioioi!
- I'm gonna go kick in some heads with 80-lb Tyler and FAH
F unny
A s
H ell

can be used like the online phrase LOL...


RANDOMSn04: fah!
by UNi October 07, 2004
Another way to say "Fool" but in a lazy/tired way.
wattup fah lets blaze!
by scottyjdahmeahahn0h March 04, 2007
Fah means everything and nothing at the same time. It can be used for virtually anything. It can be used in the exact same sentence and have completely different meanings. It's all in the inflection.
"You are a such a fah (freakin' ass ho)!"

"You are such a fah (fine ass hottie)!"

"I'm tipping my 40 fah (for all homies)!"
by The Great Fah August 17, 2004

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