funny as fuck
new 2008 shit
christina:dat boy was actin like a ass- hole last night.


christina:what da fuck do dat mean.

karen:funny as fuck cuz dont nobody be sayin lol/lolz or haha

by -SmiiLeYY.// October 25, 2008
Funny As Fuck. Used in chatrooms, message boards, for IMing,texting, etc, ect.
Girl 1: OMG, den dat hoe slppd on a banana peel nd fel!

Girl 2: HAHAHA!! Dats FAF!
by ~Rebz~ October 20, 2008
funny as fuck
It is faf that I'm crying.
by angelx92 October 18, 2008
Fit as Fuck!
That east european chick is FAF!
by David Greenheld July 14, 2008
Stands for Fat ass friend
Hey F.A.F.

OH look, here comes F.A.F.
by iVanH June 12, 2008
Frigid as Fuck
This is when a girl is way to frigid for a guy to possibly stay with her. Like maybe he fingered her but she did not return the favour.
Jadz: Dude why you not even trying to see that girl no more?
Charlie: Dude she is a FAF !!!!!!!!!
Jadz: ahhh ok fair play.
by Christopher Wrightson April 24, 2008
1. Fat As Fuck is what i've always used it as, however, apparently it can also stand for:
2. Fit As Fuck
Shit, that girl is faf!
by Maxx69 February 09, 2008

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