Fit As F*ck
Faf ya giraffe.

Faf ya moustache.
Faf ya matalan staff.
by ALI B MATE March 26, 2010
fake as female
when a girl say she yo friend and then go behind you back talking shit. thats a fake as female(F.A.F)
by *LiL OPN* November 06, 2009
"faggoty ass faggot"
That dude's a FAF.
by $ambo April 14, 2009
funny as fuck
It is faf that I'm crying.
by angelx92 October 18, 2008
Stands for Fat ass friend
Hey F.A.F.

OH look, here comes F.A.F.
by iVanH June 12, 2008
Frigid as Fuck
This is when a girl is way to frigid for a guy to possibly stay with her. Like maybe he fingered her but she did not return the favour.
Jadz: Dude why you not even trying to see that girl no more?
Charlie: Dude she is a FAF !!!!!!!!!
Jadz: ahhh ok fair play.
by Christopher Wrightson April 24, 2008
A faf is a job or task which is seemingly pointless and arduous.
Shaving is such a faf.
by Squinj December 08, 2007

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