1.Fly as Fuck

2. Fresh as Fuck
Man those threads are FAF!

Daymn shawty you lookin FAF t'day
by Rick-ayyy! March 04, 2008
A faf is a job or task which is seemingly pointless and arduous.
Shaving is such a faf.
by Squinj December 08, 2007
faded as fuck...a bro term...
i was faf in my skin shirt last night
by littlespoon April 17, 2007
FAF is an online acronym for the phrase "Funny As Fuck". Some believe that it originated from the popular t.v. character Lisa Simpson who quite often said, "FAF" while laughing. Others just believe it originated from stupid teenagers who didn't want to conform by using 'lol' or 'lmao'.
1)Bob:insert funny thing here
Bill: FAF! True be 'dat!
2)Dude, that is FAF

(Example two is not used as often for it doesn't make that much sense and anyone who does is just a complete moron. CONFORM, SMOKE, EAT.)
by Lady_sexhole March 20, 2005
Noun/Adjective: Fine At First; context of seeing someone from far away, thinking they're good looking, and looking at them up close ruins the previous first impression.

May be used in context of a great first impression, but finding out a horrible personality.
Girl: Oh my gosh! That guy over there is so good looking.
Girl2: I agree!
*approaching guy*
Girl: Never mind. He's a FAF kind of guy.
by WomanLee November 01, 2012
"Faded as fuck"

When you're super stoned.

Can be used with the ending "ed" = faf'ed
"I am faf right now."

"Im gonna be faf tonight"

"wanna get faf'ed?"
by dfresh645 February 24, 2012
Flat As Fuck.
She used to be hot but then she started cross country and now she's FAF, like a 6th grader.
by Its_Al November 01, 2011
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