"Funny as Fuck". You can actually say this instead of saying "LOL" in real life.
You tell so many jokes that are FAF!
by lightscameramike October 03, 2011
Friends are Fun. The funnist times are hanging out with friends. A.K.A Bros.
Bro 1: Yo bro you wanna FAF?

Bro 2: Ya Bro I always want to FAF.
by Spurrberry September 06, 2011
Fly As Fuck, a band of brothers who have been through hell and always stayed together, no matter what they always had each others back.
Hater: "yo, i banged yur girl last night."
Bro: "wait till i get FAF, we gonna stomp yo ass."
by Boo-BooFAF August 29, 2011
a abreviation of "fancy a fuck"?
girl: your place or mine?
guy: faf al fresco?
by king louis @ the haigh August 12, 2011
Fucking Awesome Fridays
John - So are you going to be hitting up that FAF at what'sherfaces house?

Bill - Yee buddy
by AraBeast July 15, 2011
Fine as Fuck,
when a girl is mad hot and there isn't any way to describe her, then she is FaF, fine as fuck.

The most classic way to use this term is when you see a girl that's fine as fuck and is down to fuck, well then you got a FAF girl DTF
Ex.1: Dude you saw that girl screaming in the club, man she FaF.

Ex.2: Yo, I'd totally do that broad for sure, she FaF.

Ex.3: Check this girl on facebook, she FaF.
by John Merrymen July 14, 2011
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