1.Fly as Fuck

2. Fresh as Fuck
Man those threads are FAF!

Daymn shawty you lookin FAF t'day
by Rick-ayyy! March 04, 2008
Funny as Fuck
My friend Casey put a great status update on Facebook. It was FAF.
by Brown Rice July 09, 2010
FAF = Fake Ass Fucker

when someone acts fake towards you, a two-faced ungenuine user who only talks to you if they want something
friend: 'hi sorry i can't come shopping with you today i'm ill'
hours later on facebook...

____ has uploaded the 59349439 pictures in an album 'shopping with the girls'

by rosesreallysmelllikepoopoo July 02, 2010
Fit As F*ck
Faf ya giraffe.

Faf ya moustache.
Faf ya matalan staff.
by ALI B MATE March 26, 2010
fake as female
when a girl say she yo friend and then go behind you back talking shit. thats a fake as female(F.A.F)
by *LiL OPN* November 06, 2009
"faggoty ass faggot"
That dude's a FAF.
by $ambo April 14, 2009
Funny as fuck. A text message and internet contraction set to be implemented in 2009 to replace the aging 'lol'. Anyone using the soon-to-be obsolete 'lol' in 2009 or later is in violation of federal law and is subject to be killed on sight by any officer of the law at any time under any circumstances.
Person A: "Lol, that's funny."
Person B: "Ha! Look at that faggot!"
Person(s)C-Z: "Get him! Homo!"
Person B: "Listen to him squeal! It's FAF"
by The Jew Hunter November 13, 2008

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