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faded as fuck
more than just faded (high or stoned), faded AF (as fuck)
not pronounced F-A-F, but instead faf. as one word.

rhymes with laugh
dude the pool water makes you look so faf
by letstakeamoment March 24, 2014
FAF - "Fierce As Fuck"

Oh my gosh mercedes, your sooo FAF<33
by Christian Michael March 26, 2009
Funny as Fuck.
Dude, that was FAF!
by Holla Back Girl November 15, 2008
fake ass friend.
Used to descibe a back stabbing person, who you thought was a friend. Typically used by girls who speak in IM slang like; omg,wtf,lol etc.
Girl1: OMG, Katie totally just betrayed me!
Girl2: Wtf, she's such a faf.
by anonymous78 June 15, 2008
Stands for Fat ass friend
Hey F.A.F.

OH look, here comes F.A.F.
by iVanH June 12, 2008
fake as female
when a girl say she yo friend and then go behind you back talking shit. thats a fake as female(F.A.F)
by *LiL OPN* November 06, 2009
Noun/Adjective: Fine At First; context of seeing someone from far away, thinking they're good looking, and looking at them up close ruins the previous first impression.

May be used in context of a great first impression, but finding out a horrible personality.
Girl: Oh my gosh! That guy over there is so good looking.
Girl2: I agree!
*approaching guy*
Girl: Never mind. He's a FAF kind of guy.
by WomanLee November 01, 2012