Fake ass friend
Damn, you keep missing my calls. Stop being a FAF
by JoeyCGetatME December 20, 2013
Acronym for Fatal Anime Fantard Syndrome.

Symptoms may include
1. Obsession over said Anime.
2. Continuance of Poorly (or well done) fan art of said Anime
3. Cosplay of cast from said Anime.
4. Annoyance of anyone within 10 feet of the infected individual.

If cured from FAFS the victim may suffer from
1. Loss of friends.
2. Loss or gain of weight.
3. Loss of Charisma.
4. Unfunctioning member of society.

Anime that may spread FAFS
1. Inu-Yasha
2. Full Metal Alchemist
3. Gravitation
1. Eww, Peter, don't touch that man he has FAFS.

2. I heared when Sally saw Inu-Yasha, she was rejected from her closest friends because they wanted to stay clear of FAFS.

3. "Remember kids. Don't date people with FAFS."
by Hultsimer April 09, 2006
Flirt And Fight Syndrome.

When two people playfully pretend to argue but are actually flirting.
Don't worry, they're not actually mad at each other. It's just a severe case of FAFS.
by floralwinter May 03, 2011
faded as fuck
more than just faded (high or stoned), faded AF (as fuck)
not pronounced F-A-F, but instead faf. as one word.

rhymes with laugh
dude the pool water makes you look so faf
by letstakeamoment March 24, 2014
Funny as Fuck.
Dude, that was FAF!
by Holla Back Girl November 15, 2008
Funny as Fuck
My friend Casey put a great status update on Facebook. It was FAF.
by Brown Rice July 09, 2010
FAF - "Fierce As Fuck"

Oh my gosh mercedes, your sooo FAF<33
by Christian Michael March 26, 2009

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