Fresh as Fuck.
Dude. That shit is FAF. Fresh. As. Fuck.
by JSw0le August 29, 2012
Fuck and forget.
HIQI with a hint of amnesia.
"Dude look"
"Meh, so many that look like that in Florida & DC, let alone Cali, FAF that."
by HeadQuartered August 01, 2014
Fancy as Fuck - originated in Fort Worth, Texas and has taken off internationally via social media.
That girls dress is FAF
by Holsten November 22, 2014
Fit as fuck
Dude, did you see Amy tonight? She was looking FAF
by nom8 September 17, 2013
An acronym of "Fake as fuck", a term popularised by rapper Del Tha Funkee Homosapien in his 'Both sides of the brain' album (2000), denoting his view of two-faced people who say one thing to your face, and another behind your back.

"If you're brown nosin' in the industy (you fake as fuck)
Wanna pretend that you're a friend to me (you fake as fuck)
Funny style record companies (you fake as fuck)
Weak ass MC wannabe's (you fake as fuck)"
You know that dude Jackson? How he's always smiling and slapping your back, telling you how rad he thinks you are? Yeah, that's faf. He hates your ass.
by JayszunVanderwerff July 23, 2011
Fucked as fuck. When something is so fucked that you shit your pants.
John:Yo have you seen Annabelle yet?
Greg:Nah man, that shit is faf.
by ParkMyCow October 14, 2014
This basically means Fake Ass Friend. You know like Fake, like a bitch who always talks behind yo homies back? yeah, but this is a friend that is a bitch for talking behind yo back. it doesn't have to be a bad thing behind your back, it could be like talking to a friend that they have that hasn't been introduced to you or talking to your friend and they don't even tell you that they are talking to your friend. that is a FAF. a fake ass friend doing something you don't want them to be doin.
Girl: Hey did you hear that david went to the mall with emily?
boy: and didn't invite us?!?!?
Girl: yeah she's a total bitch hoe FAF for not inviting us.
by fricken cool dude January 07, 2014
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