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Hit and quit.
Hit it and quit it.
Hit it, Quit it,
One Night Stand
"What about her?"
"She's alright, not a FAF more of a HIQI"
by HaYouKnowItsTrue August 01, 2014
Hit It and Quit It
I dont like her, i just want to HIQI.
by xx123xx April 22, 2009
(v) a derivative of Hit it Quit it. Originated in several areas, but is particularly popular with teenage girls trying to act cool. A necessary part of REAL Hiqi is the HIT IT, or sexual activities, half of the equation.
Jinny: Dang, Jenny, did you hiqi him?
Jenny: Heck yes!
Rob:Damn Ron, you hit that?
Ron:...All we did is snog...
by Mr. Probot December 03, 2010