Ipex, my old school, and my old fucked up ex girlfriend.
by Anonymous September 21, 2003
There is no such thing as evil.

For example there is no such thing as "cold." Cold is just the absence of heat, the less heat there is, the "colder" something or somewhere is. But it is all still heat, up until the point it is completely gone which is absolute zero (-459 degrees fahrenheit) But you didn't look "evil" up to learn about cold

If you read my lesson what I am going to type will make sense. There is no such thing as evil...just the absence of GOD.
Jake: "Dude that man is so evil!"
Bob: "I know he really needs to stoping sinning."
Jake: "Yeah, i am going to get the poor man a bible."
by Ashton S January 09, 2008
the name of the street I live in
I live at 666 evil dr.
by Assholes Inc. August 30, 2003
evil is most commonly associated with the dark side
however most evil people truly deep down have a heart of gold!
Darth Vader was so evill in star wars.
by Rosalita April 01, 2008
1."Devil" without "d"
2.Good, but in the opposite meaning
1.I'm 'evil.
2.I'm evil
by JcDent June 11, 2006
(TOTALLY) Not caring for others, only thinking of yourself. The opposite of good.
Cheat in a shop, to get extra money. And using it to buy things to improve your own aim.
by Alphastar June 30, 2004
There is no evil, only opinion. Many consider the Islamic Terrorists to be evil. Yet they are raised in their religion to believe what they do is the "right" thing to do and that we are the "evil" people.

Yet we were raise wether it be by example or by religion that what they do is "evil" and that by invadng thier country were are doing the right thing.

So in all reality there can be no such thing as evil, only the side that your choose to take and the side you oppose.
Person 1 "Well i believe this and you dont so your evil"

Person 2 "But i believe this so that means YOU must be evil"
by DoobD August 24, 2006

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