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concentrated foulness; intentionally bad; extremely malignant; Microsoft.
1. wow, microsoft put a lot of evil into their new windows professional edition.
2. help! my new windows professional edition just tried to cut off my penis! that's pretty darn evil.
by Batman February 21, 2003
The aching of testicles brought about by partial sexual deprivation or lack of poontang.
That skanky ho-bag left me with a mad case of blue balls!
by Batman November 10, 2001
ability; skillz; will to do something.
1. cuz you got no game son!
2. I've gots the mad game yo'!
3. quittin' on me? that's a sign of no game!
by Batman February 21, 2003
Person who cranes, stains or otherwise awkwardly turns their head and stares while passing the scene of something interesting (usually morbid in nature).
This is usually seen and performed while driving past the scene of an accident, or any other incident where there are police, firemen or ambulances with lots of flashing lights.
by Batman July 11, 2004
Confirming that a factual chunk of information is undeniably, and indisputably true.
Did your dog pee on my lawn Joe? Absofuckinlutley!
by Batman November 09, 2001
An occupation consisting of duties requiring one to mop up the ejaculant in a private booth after an erotic entertainment session.
Ted is the jizz mopper at the Pink Poodle. He wears shoes with lots of traction.
by Batman April 11, 2002
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