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Euthanasia, (from Greek: åõèáíáóßá -åõ, eu, "good", èÜíáôïò, thanatos, death),is the practice of terminating the life of a person or animal in a painless or minimally painful way in order to stop suffering or other undesired conditions in life.

So in fact it's just ending someone's misery.
The man could have lived for another month, but the cancer had gone too far. They performed euthanasia to end his life withoug further pain.
by Jafje March 05, 2007
basically it's assisted suicide for those that can't do it themselves. Usually because they are suffering from a terminal illness. Commonly associated with Jack Kevorkian.
Stan: is it ok to kill somebody if they ask you to? Because they're in a lot of pain, you know, like assisted suicide? Is that OK?
Jesus: My son, I'm not touching that with a 60-ft pole. Next caller!
by Djinn April 04, 2004
Finishing off what nature has started.
We really need to practice a little euthanasia on those lung cancer patients. Nature already has them most of the way there.
by Nilla Waferz August 27, 2008
An abrieviated term that demographers use to descibe the entire population of 1-16 year olds in Asia.
'youth in Asia' becomes 'Euthanasia'
by REV. Spoons Feltchmurkin February 10, 2008
Assisted suicide from a doctor becuase the patient is terminally ill and wishes to die. A lot of guidlines are set before a doctor can declare it acceptable to kill this person on thier behalf.
So far oregon is the only state to allow Euthanasia to legally take place.
The woman was termanilly ill and wanted to speed the process of her death up. After the doctor reviewed her case and stuff, he decided that he would proced with euthanasia if thats what she needed.
by Anniee June 28, 2006
A 13 year old living in China.
"the new student is a euthanasia"

"dont u mean a youth in Asia"

"Ya but it is easier to say"
by Jameses September 28, 2005
killing yourself/someone painlessly to end suffering, or just because.
Animals are EUTHANIZED at animal shelters because there's no room for them.

Smoking is a form of EUTHANASIA because it's killing you from the inside. Ex: The Matches song "Sick Little Suicide"- "Suck back these tak-home packs of euthanasia."
by Shanel April 04, 2005
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