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1. Jack Kevorkian-suicide doctor.
2. Caia-Closet Paint Nazi, fortune cookie, and everyone's favorite drummer. And yes, she ready (what what?) fo' yall.
....i'm drawing a blank here....
by Pay May 08, 2004
To perform a mercy killing, typically upon request or with express consent.
If I ever grow a soul patch, you have my permission to kevorkian me with swift and excessive violence.
by Penelope Cash February 11, 2009
There are several defenitions for this word inparticular. There is the on that comes immediatly to ind, Dr. Kevorkian, your resident doctor if you wish to commit suicide. Then there is our resident Armanian, Caia Kevorkian (who's mother is a doctor) whom we all love(ish) except maybe Kendall see also kevorkian wind of doom
Kevorkian gave Kendall an Incredible Hulk watch...
by Emily May 02, 2004
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