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6 definitions by Jameses

The stuff you find in between your ass cheecks after not showering for days.
There was so much ass butter in the hobo's ass he could ass butter his toast.
by Jameses September 05, 2005
64 33
A representation of how much bacon you want on your burger. It can be displayed by pressing the teal, "Too Much" button, followed by the type of burger, Jr. bacon ect.
Too much bacon is ditinguished from extra bacon in that too much bacon is literally too much bacon and the burger can only be enjoyed by removing bacon prior to eating.
Hey Jermy the next two Jr. Bacons coming up get too much bacon.
by Jameses August 28, 2007
6 4
when you walk behind a fat or large person in a crowded hallway that clears the ways for you so you can get through quckly and hassle free.
thank god i found a hall drafter or i wouldda been late for class yo!
by Jameses September 20, 2005
1 0
Similar to materialistic in that one is totally obsessed with their data and software. They cannot bear the thought of losing their data in any way.
"Frank saves ten times an hour, has multiple backup drives, hard/softcopy of all his screen shots, game saves, and documents."

"He is soooo daterialistic!"
by Jameses August 24, 2007
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a complete idiot, fag, queer, bitch, or retard.
"Shut the hell up u fuckston"
"what a fuckston his lock combo is 0-0-0
"only a fuckston would fuck that fat ugly bitch"
"get away from me u fuckston"
by Jameses August 20, 2005
5 31
A 13 year old living in China.
"the new student is a euthanasia"

"dont u mean a youth in Asia"

"Ya but it is easier to say"
by Jameses September 28, 2005
85 133