To deficate in a toilet then ejaculate on top and not flush.
the result is a cum covered shit. usually in communal toilets.
don't go in there, some one layed an eskimo pie.
by AkIRA22 November 08, 2006
Top Definition
When a man ejaculates in a females vagina whilst she is having an orgasm then licks the resultant moon cheese out.
Wow, it sure is hot today, I'd sure love an eskimo pie.
by Crown Royal May 29, 2009
a vanilla ice cream bar totally covered in chocolate
Mr. Ice Cream Man, may I have an eskimo pie?
by Jacki November 19, 2003
A snowball with a surprise dog turd center.
"I heard Tommy got detention for hitting Ms. Wilkins with an Eskimo Pie."
by Goobersmichael May 07, 2009
A sexual act in which a woman convinces a man that he is about to "get it" making him very aroused. Right before giving it up she pulls out 2 ice packs and sandwiches his "special area" causing rapid shrinkage and the end of any sexual possibilities.
"Man I'm SO pissed right now, last night Chandra Eskimo Pie'd my ass!"
by Captain Johnson May 03, 2008
When you have a blumpkin and before you nut, you stand up grab your own feces you lay it across your partners forehead and slap it with your junk until you bust a nut.
Dude, that chick last night totally loved her Eskimo Pie i gave her!
by Ninjalord October 27, 2009
An Alaska Natives "woman parts, Va JJ, Punany".
Im going North To Alaska to get me some real Eskimo Pie.
by Rossdizzle December 21, 2008
The process whereby you take a poo, freeze the log, and then use said log to bang a chick. Like a dildo.
"Hey Mustang, how did you make out with that chick last night?"

"Damn, Jacek, that stanky was sooo kinky she let me take here to the top of Lake Louise and give her an Eskimo Pie"
by Mustang Billy February 10, 2010
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