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Towards the top of the Earth, the North Pole.
Frederick lives two miles north of me.
by Diggity Monkeez February 01, 2005
1. being honest, truthful, legitmate.

2. being 'straight up'.
Bro, I gotta be north with you. Me and your mom 69ed last night.
by BroMcKnight October 23, 2010
A place that southerners in England would gladly dispose of.

Southern Scum!
London isn't the most north place in Engerland? huh?
by caiman December 29, 2004
when someones eyebrows are pointing up to the north star. (really pointy) like ^
Oh my goii gurl her eyebrows are so north.
by llama_G April 29, 2016
Kanye West and Kim kardashian's daughters name
Ray: "Did you know Kim and kanye only like one direction?"

Sam: "How do you know that?"

Ray: "They named their daughter North West."
by Kurser19 June 22, 2013
When ones penis is erect, it is sometimes referred to using the colloquilism "North".
v. to get north: "I just got north over that girl"

adj. north: "My bell is permanantley north"
by lunette fan June 03, 2005
1. noun; Semen, cum, sperm.
2. verb; To ejaculate a abnormaly large amount of semen.
3. noun;An ejaculation of abnormaly large amounts of smen

Derived from the porn star Peter North
1. God, I got north all over me.
2, 3. I hadn't jacked off in 3 weeks so when I came I fuckin northed. ("had a north" for number 3.)
by Tim December 21, 2003
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