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a vanilla ice cream bar totally covered in chocolate
Mr. Ice Cream Man, may I have an eskimo pie?
by Jacki November 19, 2003
The EmCee for Linkin Park. Majored in graphic design in college. Married to long time girlfriend Anna Lovejoy. Born Feb. 11, 1977, almost 27 yrs. old. Very hot, super sexxy.
He's so hot!...So jealous of Anna. Good for her, she got to him first.
by Jacki January 18, 2004
when your blunt is laced with crack its called a woo
He smoked a woo.
by Jacki March 22, 2003
the stage after tipsy but just before completely trashed.
She drank a six pack and was fruit-nutted.
by Jacki March 21, 2003
a store at tries to show california style by making low cut shirts, tiny skirts, and jeans with holes.. yes, that's right, you pay money for jeans that look like you are a klutz and fell on your ass a bunch of times to destroy your jeans. these are "destroyed" jeans afterall. preppy people love the clothe that are bright colored and feature seagulls instead of moose, like abercrombie and fitch. their clothes are less expensive and are worn by a high population of teen girls and boys who care way too much about what they look like. the people who work there are always good looking and white.. interesting. it's basically the best store in the universe if you want mulitple shirts with the word "hollister co" on them. so, you should shop there.. you probably do already.. <yikes!>
brittany- i know that everyone else in our grade has this shirt and it costs lots of money but hey mommy and daddy can give me some. this shirt is anything but special yet i want to buy it because it's from hollister and i want to look like everyone else. sound good?
lisa- let's go!
by jacki March 02, 2005
Using a comb to part hair over a balding area of the head; trying to hide what everyone knows is there.
See: Donald Trump
... *shutters*
by jacki May 30, 2004
mixing different types of weed in a blunt or mixing weed and hash.
She mixed dro and dirt in a blunt so it would stop going out due to the moisture of the dro.
by Jacki March 22, 2003

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