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Relaxing, chilling, just being easy
Man 1: "What's going on with you homie"

Man 2: "Nothing, nothing...just cooling in the cut"
by Jae-T April 23, 2006
Coolings Is when your very very awfully cool, So cool that you make the sun Freeze :D yeaaah... Cool
Tom: OMG i am sooo Cool
Jack: haha kk whatever
Georgia: yeah, not as cool as jack he's super cool, so cool, he's COOLINGS :D
by ItsGeorgiaBabes May 27, 2010
-when one thinks he/she is the shit,
-when one thinks he/she is the boss/leader,
-when one thinks he/she over powers everyone else,
-when one brags about themself they CAN be "cooling"
-She is hella cooling with her hotass boyfriend
-Katherine is hella cooling because she's the leader of our group.
-Can you stop cooling?
-She cools so much when we say how good of a basketball player she is.
-He was cooling when we told him he looked hot today.
by jasssmine May 27, 2008
cooling, also refer to someone who uses white girl(coke),doing lines, or smoking it
ya man i am just kicking back cooling on some white girl.
by ya yayo January 12, 2008
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