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like 1, 2, 3. Quick and clean ... it's done An original Italian American phrase that may have started in New Jersey or NYC.
It's easy, walk in wack the fucker and walk out, ba da bing ba da boom.
by Bob L March 30, 2004
Phrase used to describe something as happening easily, quickly and smoothly.

Famous users include world renowned children's idol 'Bart Simpson'
Yeah in and out, ba da bing ba da boom
by kaladonia October 20, 2003
Badabing Badaboom is a slang phrase which is similar to the French term "Voila". By using badabing badaboom as an expression you are assuming that others get a generalised sense of the steps in a story you left out.
The guy accidentally spills her drink, he appologises and badabing badaboom 6 months later theyre married.
Often interchangeable with the term "one thing leads to another"
There was already an example of "badabing badaboom" on urbandictionary but people were luke warm about it so badabing badaboom I write this new definition

Every New York gangster film has someone who says badabing badaboom
gangster: "So tony goes to the fuckin haidresser and tells the guy he wants to look like Robert Redford, well you seen tony right?, the haidresser thinks tony's fuckin kidding and he says 'oh is that when he stars as chewbacca in star fuckin wars' well the hairdresser thinks tony's gonna laugh but badabing badaboom that fuckin hairdresser flew through a plate glass window and hit the fuckin pavement outside with a knife in his fuckin throat"
by tony-gangster November 06, 2007
like 1, 2, 3. Quick and clean ... it's done An original Italian American phrase that may have started in New Jersey or NYC.
Walk in, do the mormon, walk out, ba da bing ba da boom, Fuhgeddaboudit
by ihatevideotech123 May 11, 2010
A phrase common to Guidos hailing from the greater New York City area, mainly in the Jersey suburbs. It is used interchangeably with "piece of cake". It is also commonly accompanied by a brief grab of the testicles.

Eh ma! Ma! Make me a pizza pie! C'mon! It won't take long! Bada bing bada boom! You'll be done in no time!
by The Truthful One July 02, 2008
To run like clockwork.

Origin: Bart Simpson
Urbandictionary was surprisingly lacking a definition for badabing badaboom, then badabing badaboom! here it is!
by Buddhabing April 22, 2004
Everything on this page with regards to origin is BS. This word is a latin phrase, therefore it is as Italian as it is Spanish. I have known this expression since I was a kid and it is used in Spanish very very often, same goes for "Forget about it"
Ba da bing ba da boom, se acabo la jodedera!
by HanSoloCHT March 31, 2010
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