"All your base are belong to us"

I think that says it all, folks.
"all your base are belong to us"
"somebody set us up the bomb"
by X-S~ July 03, 2004
the often funny English mistakes that appear in asian advertisig.

i think that when asains make mistakes/differrent words in their language, that it also should be engrish
'hey, look at that engrish, i guess were going on the train side instead of train ride!"

i have a friend that is from korea and and says funny stuff for example:
my tooth hurts = my teef hurt

you b*tch = you beach

ur mom = your mother
by Kelsey 10106 July 03, 2006
Engrish began as a racially discriminating term against asians who biologically have trouble pronunciating the "L" sound. Often times it comes out sounding like an "R". Thus engLish becomes engRish. However, it now has become more of a joke whenever there are bad translations on signs or video games...
"All your base are belong to us"
"You are teh suck"
"This guy are sick
by Mike Truitt June 10, 2003
A vocabulary consisting of all letters of the alphabet except the letter "L", in which the letter "R" is used in its place.
Hurro I am Japanese and I have finally learnt how to speak Engrish.
by umbie March 21, 2004
its the language that a japanese deathmetal/heavymetal/thrashmetal bands singer speaks see sabbat-metalucifer-sigh-cut throat-etc.
man that dude in metalucifer speaks the bad engrish.
by kriegaroth May 24, 2005
The melding of Japanese and English. For example, speaking mainly in english but adding in Japanese words where necessary.
Tom was speaking Engrish when he said,
"That cat is so kawaii."
by Sam Barnes February 10, 2005
Engrish is a form of english that isn't pronounced or spelled in the right way. Regularly used when referring to a japanese, Chinese, or Korean translation.
Engrish words
No Smorking

Me Excuse?
Deformed Person
Evrybody rice eat. (Everybody eat rice)
Im long ( Im tall)
by AlternativeMisconception September 14, 2014

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