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A large turkey-neck-looking device that is spun round in multiple rotations and then let go directed at an offender. They are usually made from some sort of hard object tied into old pantyhose and are recommended for use in attempting to slap your little brother with for being obese.
"ah stop being fat or i'll slap ya with my turkey ball!"
by umbie March 21, 2004
when an inexperienced chef makes scrambled eggs that have been cooked to the point of liquidisation.
"i made you schmageggy on toast, johnny"
by umbie March 22, 2004
1.a sandwich that can be considered as fine art and is of fine taste.
2.anything to do with subway sandwiches.
the subway sandwich artist has impeccable sinetuetti style
by umbie March 22, 2004
The leg of an obese person, usually of the female specimen, that is thick with cellulite and bulging. Produces a "boom" sound that shakes the ground when used for walking or even running(running is not recommended as it can serve as a hazard and cause serious damage to the surrounding environment). This condition can be overcome only by using tinas avon cellusculpt gel.
that boombalda has fatty boomsticks. The ground is shaking when she walks.
by umbie March 21, 2004
me. the one and only known umbin in the world. Serious its my real name. if u want to know what it really means you must go to www.umbin.com
hi my name is umbin, but you can call me umbie
by umbie March 21, 2004
This word is recommended for use on a younger sibling of whom smells and looks like a dog. It is a command used as a method of telling someone to rub their face into something, such as food or shite, just as a dog would do.
"dont tell mum coz if u do you must schmecken these" (pointing to nana's cottontails)
by umbie March 24, 2004
A mature aged obese lady who has fatty boomsticks, hence the name boombalada.
wow dude look at that boombalda over there rolling in french fries!
by umbie March 21, 2004

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