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Greeting, like hey or hello.

Found in the popular movie Scary movie 4 in the scene when talking to the little Chinese boy.

pronounced hur-row.
Corey - Hello?
Dan- Um hurro?
by brockkzz June 25, 2009
How a puppy would say hi, between hello and a howl.
Kate: "Hurro!"
Scooby: "Ruh-roh?"
by Blahblahblah159 November 24, 2011
Hurro originated from the way the Chinese say "hello" although now it means much more. It means "what?" Or anything around that. If some says something confusing you could say "Hurro" it is pronounced her-ow. If you pronounce it wrong it can't be understood. When most people say "Hurro" the say it questioning something like "Hurro?" So when you're saying the the ro part of Hurro it's usually said highering your voice so it comes off as a question. "Hurro" has come to mean much more than it started as.
Sophia: "I have 12 fingers..."
Kelly: Hurro?
by Whatthekell July 01, 2013
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