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The name of a spoof television situation comedy pilot produced by westerners in 2000, filmed in Canada and appeared in the 2001 Ohio Film Festival. The characters speak in Japanese accented American English. Characters address each other by using the term "nigga" excessively.
Tokyo Breakfast
You don't need a school? If nigga no go to school, nigga no get a job, if nigga no get a job, nigga no make no money, if nigga no make no money, nigga no be able to afford BMW 7 series nigga!
by Walküre April 28, 2006
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Japanese TV series with an infamous trailer that has been circulating around the interweb with such classic dialogue as "Good morning, Nigga", and "Good morning to you, Niggaaaaaa!"
Hey, did you see that Tokyo Breakfast trailer, nigga?
by Poleary December 30, 2003
An unaired TV pilot featuring a group of Japanese people who say 'nigga!' a lot.
The stock market is one crazy nigga, nigga!
by matt February 03, 2004

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