Engrish in this definition being engrish) is misstranslation to the English from japineese, (observe. In us from zero wings your basis "entirely there is the most famous example, it belongs," is.
All your base are belong to us.
What you say?
You have no chance to survive make your time.
(also my def is in engrish)
by Mistranslated ship capitan November 30, 2005
A poorly translated japanese-to-english language.
Light turn on. We go to room. We play game of chess. He kick ball. Ball fly.
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 30, 2003
Inside joke by bilingual speakers of English and Japanese.
Intentionally bad parodies of English exploited for comic effect for an intended audience of bilingual Japanese / English speakers.


The comedy skit "Tokyo Breakfast", a train wreck between Engrish and Ebonics which lampoons American and Japanese pop culture.

"Taksetawah", a Japanese-sounding name which is actually a tongue-in-cheek criticism -- in Engrish -- of the extravagant expense of the Tokyo Metropolitan building: "Tax Tower".
by Taksetawah March 14, 2005
A word or sentence taken out of hand and translated by idiots from Japanese to English.
As seen in the DDR video Witch Doctor: "Are you enjoy?"
by The Almighty Sapling July 11, 2004
n. English spoken with a heavy asian accent The subject of English.

Sp. Variant: Ingrish
(as a mode of speaking)
"Dude, you call yourself a FOB? Your Engrish is horrible! You speak better English than the Americans!"

(as a subject)
asian mom: "You get B+ in Engrish! Why you get B+ in engrish?! Dis is unaxetable! Wut you tink your punishment shood be?"
by azer29 October 11, 2006
A folm of Engrish chalactelized by bad tlansration flom Japanese by someone who is decent at tlansrating vocaburaly but has a pool glasp of Engrish glammal. Tends to be a wold-by-wold ritelar tlansration with humolous lesurts fol native Engrish speakels. Engrish is most common in ord video games and anime subtitres.
Arr youl base ale berong to us. (In plopel engrish: Youl bases ale arr undel oul contlor.)

A winnel is you. (You win.)
by Ukuk August 04, 2006
the language of the people who have accent, are foreigners, have bad grammars, are being laughed at because others thought they say something that doesn't sound like it and could mean something else, can't look at "some people" in the eye or face because are going to burst laughing at them during a presentation, and it's Nadia's official language
Nadia, you don't speak English, you speak Engrish!

I speak perfect Engrish.

Engrish is my official language.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with my Engrish.

Can't understand what I'm saying, huh? It's okay, I speak Engrish.

It's not the accent, it's Engrish.
by Engrish January 07, 2007

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