Teenagers who upload their photographs to this page with comments like "OMG I'm so EMOOOOOO", without realising the whole point of this page is to insult them.
Wow, I'm an emo. I know! I'll put my pictures on urban dictionary!
by Psycho-Toaster November 02, 2008
Emo is short for emotive hardcore: a sub-genre of punk that came about in the 1980s. Since the eighties, the meaning has changed a lot.
Many think that emo is just a fashion. It is true that emos have developed their own fashion - skinny/girl's jeans, tight fitting black t-shirts, make-up, and even a hair-style consisting of a long fringe sweeping over one eye and spiky at the back - but this is not what emo is about.
I see emo as a state of mind. Emotional would actually be a good term, as emos are quite emotional, their mood swinging all over the place. This makes it easier to become depressed. EMOS ARE NOT ALWAYS DEPRESSED.

---some say that all emos cut their wrists. This is FAR from the truth. I will not go into why some do. I have never cut my wrist and I don't want to.----

Emos find roots in both goth and punk culture. It is like goth, but goth is darker, and emo is harder to fake. It is a fashion, a type of music, a state of mind and a way of life.

Opposite: Chav
Similar: Goth
Fake emo (poser): Emos are cool. I'm an emo. I don't think this make-up is dark enough, do I look emo enough?

Real emo: I don't think I can live life much longer... (after five minutes) Woo this is great. Life rocks. (gets to school) Oh gawd, I wanna go home. *gets home* Oh, I wanna go to school.
by -_Forgotten|Soul-_ March 14, 2008
Emo stands for 'emotional' and it shows that you're not afraid to hide your feelings. A lot of the reviews I've read are extremely negative about emos. I find this extremely annoying and prejudiced, I mean, how can they say that when they don't even know the person? The situation is generally "Oh, look its an emo, get her/him" and then you're in extreme pain even before youve had time to hitch up your trousers to run for it. Believe me, emos don't dress the way they dress for attention-they express how they hurt inside. (And the fringe is probably to hide the black eye from yet another beat-up)
Why, why, why do emos cause such an effect on people? What have they ever done to THEM? And just what is the point of hating ALL emos?
Emo bands are widely feared/hated too, and some newspapers even tried to turn parents against their own children, sying 'oh emo this and emos that' but emo doesnt really have anything to DO with self harm. Self harm is not a trend or a style-its a disorder. (listen to My Cheical Romance-Its not a fasion statement, its a deathwish)
emo innocently walking along the street
chav group spot emo
chav group creep up behind emo
emo blastin music through hedphones, not hear
"take that"
"ow get off me!"
"had enough?"
"ok good"
"lets go before we're seen"
emo left lying on the side of the road to return to conciousness
by xX-EMO-AND-PROUD-Xx October 31, 2006
1. Fake Emo: see Female Emo Poser, Male Emo Poser, Fake Emo. They like to wear black and say they hate themselves and no one understands and wear thick eyeliner and have black hair all over their face. They pierce themselves and they cry and they think they are artists and everyone who is not emo cannot express themselves, and is just a cookie cutter of every other human being that fake emos used to be. They are not actually emo, but they take typical bad situations and turn it into "My Life Sucks, Can I Kill Myself Already?" although you know they never will.

2. Real Emo: These people probably appear very happy on the outside, not wearing black all the time with thick heavy eyeliner. Most real emos, although not all, suffer from an unfortunate psychological problem like depression. One minute they can be the happiest person, and the next, crying hysterically and wanting to commit suicide. The fact that people throw around the term 'emo' is very upsetting, because REAL people with REAL problems like Megan Meier (look up Megan Pledge on Google Search) can't help themselves and need love and care.

Emo isn't a word to describe these people, but because of today's idiocy, you can't get someone to just treat them regularly, but treat them as 'emo', which I doubt can help them at all. The real definition of emo should stay as it should- someone who is just following a stupid trend.

3. Emo music.
Fake Emo
Hale: Oh my god. I want to cut myself up. I hate me. No one understands. Your all so normal and bland and copy+paste people and you don't understand me or my art I wanna kill myself!

Real 'Emo' Although That Really Shouldn't Be Their Term
Gretta: I'm going to hang out with Jessica. Wanna come with me?
Britanny: No way am I going to hang out with some stupid, fat emo like you. God. I hope you just go kill yourself, your such a loser!
Jessica: Don't listen to her, Gretta, everyone knows she's just a bitch.
Gretta: *sobbing* Why am I so stupid?
by MeganPledge August 12, 2009
Emotional Hardcore
that is it

recently the term has been messed with but they are true Anti-Conformists such as Punk and Goth they use this terms to as another way of saying that they just follow what the heart says dos not just do something because its cool or fasionable be because they feel like it
I loved Emotional Hardcore back when it began it sounded cool. = I loved emo music back when it began it sounded cool.
by evan pozder December 28, 2008
An Emo is a slang term that is enforced on someone by people who claim to be "cool". Real Emo's do not go round saying how much of an Emo they Are. There are Three types of Emo.

Type.1. Normal Emo.
some one who listens to music because they enjoy it and not because they think its cool. they also dont stop listnening to music just because the band has been "discovered". this type of emo does not go on huge shopping spree's at the most expensive stores to "buy" their look. they wear what they feal like and are comfortable to wear. they are not DEPRESSED, they are happy and normal human beings, they see the world as a wonderful place. its just inhabited by lost and depressed people.

Type2. Fag Emo.
This is the type of emo that gives Emo's a bad name. they go out and max out their daddy's credit card on the most expensive clothing, they find the most underground music. they can and dont even listen to it. they wear band t-shirt's even if they dont even know 3 songs or cant name the people in it.

Type3. Emo.
This type of Emo is The least common. this type of Emo is one who rejects society all together and refuses to talk or co-operate with anyone who isnt an emo. they stand around and "look cool" they do things deliberatly to piss of comformists. this is the sort of emo that slits their wrists just so they can show it off.
by (4/\/\() April 28, 2007
Emo is an identification, usually used by suburban white teenagers. However, emo is a paradox that defies everything it supposedly stands for. An emo will tell you that they don't conform and remain individuals, but they all act the same, dress the same, have the same hairstyles, listen to the same music, etc. They conform within their own group, just like nearly all suburban teenagers.

Emos claim to be depressed and angry all of the time, but they are in fact fundamentally happy and joyous.

Emos say that they reject the values of the preppy kids, but still hold the core beliefs- denying those who do not conform, sleeping around, experimenting with drugs, and overall being suburban wannabes.

Anyone who identifies as an emo simply cannot be in practice- they are instead "wannabemos", somebody who strives to be an emo, but cannot.
Justin, Jessica, and Chrissy all claim to be emo. All three listen to My Chemical Romance, have hairstyles like the ones they see on Gaia Online, and contradict themselves.
by Interrobang2rd August 06, 2010

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