Emotional Hardcore
that is it

recently the term has been messed with but they are true Anti-Conformists such as Punk and Goth they use this terms to as another way of saying that they just follow what the heart says dos not just do something because its cool or fasionable be because they feel like it
I loved Emotional Hardcore back when it began it sounded cool. = I loved emo music back when it began it sounded cool.
by evan pozder December 28, 2008
Teenagers who upload their photographs to this page with comments like "OMG I'm so EMOOOOOO", without realising the whole point of this page is to insult them.
Wow, I'm an emo. I know! I'll put my pictures on urban dictionary!
by Psycho-Toaster November 02, 2008
Emo is a fashion for young white people Bought on by Low Self Esteem.
Teenagers sometimes get low self esteem, and they don't understand why, Because it is Sub Conscious. Instead of figuring out how to Love Themselves again, and be happy, They cover themselves in a Modern, Young Goth Fashion. They hang with people who have the same self esteem issue, Thinking they are the only people who "Understand" them,
They don't even understand themselves.

Emos don't want you judging them (Even though they demand perfection with their make up and hair, Spending hours in the mirror making it look perfect.)

It's hard to not judge an Emo, When they are labeling themselves,

And when they want to be "Individuals", Even though they all listen to the same music, They all dress the same, Do their hair the same and talk the same way.

And when they want to be "Non Conformists", even though they all act the same way, They Non Conform by Wearing Black and Make Up, But When It Becomes The Point of a Fashion, Then you're conforming all over again.

When You "Judge" an Emo, They are hurt on the inside, And they feel that if they wear black, That can somehow protect them from being labeled, But nobody is easier to label than an Emo
"I'm an Emo, I'm not a boy, I'm not a person, I'm an Emo, so I'm judging myself but you mustn't judge me.
by Saiga August 15, 2008
Emo is an identification, usually used by suburban white teenagers. However, emo is a paradox that defies everything it supposedly stands for. An emo will tell you that they don't conform and remain individuals, but they all act the same, dress the same, have the same hairstyles, listen to the same music, etc. They conform within their own group, just like nearly all suburban teenagers.

Emos claim to be depressed and angry all of the time, but they are in fact fundamentally happy and joyous.

Emos say that they reject the values of the preppy kids, but still hold the core beliefs- denying those who do not conform, sleeping around, experimenting with drugs, and overall being suburban wannabes.

Anyone who identifies as an emo simply cannot be in practice- they are instead "wannabemos", somebody who strives to be an emo, but cannot.
Justin, Jessica, and Chrissy all claim to be emo. All three listen to My Chemical Romance, have hairstyles like the ones they see on Gaia Online, and contradict themselves.
by Interrobang2rd August 06, 2010
a whiney, annoying, angsty, poser, who is from the suburbs and has a tough life because they either been grounded by their parents or they lost their i-pod. There is no difference between emo boys and girls, they both look and act the same. If you see an emo you should beat the fuck out off them and tell them tha they are just a rip-off of Goth.
Emo is the cancer that is killing
by Mr. Zimpy November 22, 2009
emo has become an ever increasing style and one most "emo kids" are not emo they are just following the style and they are known as "scene". Now I don't label myself but i guess you could say i have clothes that can be classified as the emo fashion but an emo kid doesnt have to dress in the stereotypical skinny jeans band t and converse you can wear really anything...emo is a state of mind and a music style not all emos cut not all emos write poetry not all emos play instruments or sing not all emos do drugs and NOT ALL EMOS LIKE MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE AND FALL OUT BOY please people get that thrrough your heads i hear that all the time and not all do like those two bands from what i know most emo kids like alternative metal rock techno emo death metal and things of those genres they understand people and music and the world and emo kids will inslut people who deserve insulting and normally do not consider themselves emo IF YOU DO MEET SOMEONE WHO PROCLAIMS THEY ARE EMO AND SHOWS OFF THEIR SCARS THERES A 9/10 CHANCE THEY ARE A POSER OR LOOKING FOR ATTENTION also not all emo kids are bi and gay but being bi is also the new fad so that is my definition oh and you can play sports and stuff and still be emo

true emo: your making a fool of your self stop being a poser
emo poser:im not a poser see lok at my scars and my skinny jeans and band t-shirt
true emo:you put me to shame *shakes head an walks away*
emo poser: *cricket cricket cricket*
by Sadye July 24, 2009
emo has alot of definitions on urban dictionary most of them make fun of what they THINK is emo. so i felt compelled to write what it really is.

most people would define emo:
fag dark clothing
poser hot topic
self mutilation sad
skinny jeans myspace whore
black rim glasses loser

but the real definition is far from any of these things. what people are discribing is POSER emo. real emo kids dress however they want and dont really care what people think about them. they are themselves, sometimes they might take their emotions too far, but that is with any emotion. emo kids ,contrary to popular belief, are not always sad,sometimes they show signs of being bipolar. one minute they will be happy, the next they might be sad or mad.(schitzophrenic behavior might also be displayed)they depend alot on their friends to to bring them up when they're down, but most of them love life to an extent.
THAT is the real definition of emo.
poser emo 1:oh, im so depressed!
poser emo 2:yeah, me too! lets go to hot topic and buy dark clothing and more eyeliner.
poser emo 1:then we could go to wal mart and buy some razor blades!
poser emo 2:yeah! when we come back we could sit around and play that new hawthorne heights cd and write sad poetry on our myspace blog.
********* ********* ********* ********* ********* *********
emo 1:dude, what do you want to do today?
emo 2:whatever is fun
emo 1:nevermind i just got sad all of a sudden
emo 2:oh come on, lets go over to emo 3's house, you know she can always cheer you up
emo 1: yeah you're right. lets go have some fun!
by lilyda April 09, 2008

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