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Emos have been stereotypicalized as ppl that cut themselves. If u took a moment to actually see how these "emos" are feeling then maybe u would understand why they cut if they do. Some ppl might do it but this does not make them "emos".

Music wise, "emos" are seen to only listen to heavy metal and stuff like that. Have u ever thought that maybe they just like this music?? No. Because of all stereotypes that have been made, ppl that like this music immediately fall into the "emo" category.

These "emos" just dress like they do because they maybe want to stick out and not go with the crowd. This is perfectly fine to understand if u could be open minded but u r just so closed off in your little fantasy label-ridden world that u cant take a chance to think of these reasons.

So in future before u class anyone as an "emo" because they cut and/or like heavy music n wear dark clothes, at least get ur facts straight.

If someone classes themselves as an "emo" then its obviously because they are sick of being talked about and labelled that they have chosen to believe this as truth. At least have a bit of thought about these "emos" because theyre still ppl with feelings n stuff so at least have a thought about how u could be affecting them.

Some ppl go through a lot of shit in their lives and need ways to get it out. Dont judge them on how they do this, just go with it n try n actually help them.
Q:Oh he's such an emo
V:Naah.Maybe he's got some shit going on
Q:As if mann. Thatll be his excuse.If u look at his arms i bet theyll be cut
V:Gee mann.You shouldnt just judge ppl on idiotic stereotypes
Q:Whatever dude
by Sick Of Emo Stereotypes July 12, 2009
1. A music genre. Emotional Harcore, Emotive Hardcore, Emocore. A type of rock music origionated from hardcore punk. characterized by melodic musicianship and expressive, often confessional lyrics. It originated in the mid-1980s. Emo broke into mainstream culture in the early 2000s. In recent years the term "emo" has been applied by critics and journalists to a variety of artists, including Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance. (wikipedia, for onece, it's true)

2.A steroetype that many people believe. It tells us that 'emo kids' cut their wrists, write poetyry/songs, lock themselves in their rooms, whine, cry, and most importantly, they are though to be posers.

Yes, there are 'emo' posers, but there is, every so often, a true 'emo'

I'm my opinion, 'emo' just means different and slightly more emotional at times. Not all 'emos' cut or write poetry, yada, yadam, yada, blah, blah, blah.

There is also the style, which is more colourful, 'scene'.

Also...give them a break, you don't know why those people have no friends or cry. You don't know what situation they're in.
Ditzy 'popular' girl: why don't you go CRY emo kid, go CUT your self, go be EMO!
*laughs with friends.
'Popular' chick #2: she's SO uncool!!
'Emo' Kid: *punches ditzy chicks* f*** you b****!!
'Popular' girl #1: THAT NOSE WAS NEW!

2. Yes, i'm EMO and proud! At least i'm not a superficial clone like you!! I still have my INDUVIDUALITY!!!!!!
by NicoleLovesMyChem March 26, 2009
Someone who whines about their suburban lifestyle and claims nobody "understands".
At the same time they go around crying and for some reason wondering why they have no friends besides other emos.
This emo kid named Jerry wonders why he has no friends as he goes around cutting himself while wearing his sister's jeans.
by yer mum is a tranny February 05, 2009
How to be Emo:
- Make a MySpace page, don't put ANYTHING in the 'about me' section except depressed graphics you can find online, and make the background something like bloody roses or just all black. Add a whole bunch of Apps that look evil, even though you know you'll never use them. Don't take any pictures yet, we'll get to that. Put all the other emo kids in your top friends.
- Go to the book store and grab a couple of vampire books, since they're the only thing you'll be reading (that is, if you're FORCED to read).
- Go to the music store and buy a bunch of CDs from My Chemical Romance, The Used, and more. If you need some ideas, go look at the band shirts at Hot Topic (and pick up a couple of those while you're there).
- Now, not ALL 'emo' kids cut themselves, but the true ones do. Because they are emotional (emo) and that's where it comes from. But they are really depressed and messed up. Don't think that you have to cut yourself to be emo. Then again, if you're not depressed, maybe you should go for scene.
- The emo look is something pretty much easy and expensive to pull off. First, only buy your clothes from Hot Topic or any place that has clothes similar to that. Never step foot inside Abercrombie, Hollister, Aeropostale, etc. Buy the band shirts (as stated earlier), a bunch of checkered jackets, and other weird patterned clothes. Your shoes have to be Vans, Converse, or those skinny, checkerboard ones. Speaking of skinny, you have to have a bunch of skinny jeans if you really want to look emo. No boots unless they're spiked, same goes for belts. You have to die your hair at least two different colors, preferably hot pink and black (girls) or red and black (guys). Your hair has to be short and choppy, preferably cut by you. Wear tons of eyeliner, no matter what gender you are (lots of emo people are bisexual, anyways). Some girls like to put bows in their hair and have a bunch of Hello Kitty stuff, it makes you look even more emo, acutally.
- Make your screenname/MySpace display name something with at least four 'x'es in it. Make your statuses and away messages some depressing quote or song lyric.
- Cry.
- Date more than one person at once, preferably one guy and one girl. If they're emo too, they won't care if they're cheated on, because that's one of the reasons they're emo.
- Write sad poetry and songs and sing them to yourself at school and when you're home alone.
- Take a lot of MySpace pictures of you smiling and looking happy (some close-ups, some from weird angles, and don't take a bunch in the bathroom), and one or two of your 'real' face. Make sure the captions are depressing quotes! :)
- Hang out with people, but only in secret. Don't tell everyone what happens in your conversations, and NEVER SAY 'LIKE'. Act normal around your family.
- Make out with someone of the same sex.
- Look down on the populars as they look down on you, and never make eye contact with them.
- Frequently dissappear. Like don't show up at school, or make yourself practically invisible.
- Don't go to dances or parties.
- Make your room painted all black, with pictures of strange things on the wall and candles burning usually.

If you read this whole thing thinking it will help you be emo, then you're a stupid asshole. Emo people create themselves, they don't read GUIDES to be emo!
If you read this for fun, make another one just like it! :) It's fun, trust me.
Well, emo people are like this, but who would actually read these things?
by Juuliaa January 19, 2009
in other words abbreviated for " eat me out ."
damn that nigga did me dirty he can emo!
by nannii October 24, 2008
Emo is a fashion for young white people Bought on by Low Self Esteem.
Teenagers sometimes get low self esteem, and they don't understand why, Because it is Sub Conscious. Instead of figuring out how to Love Themselves again, and be happy, They cover themselves in a Modern, Young Goth Fashion. They hang with people who have the same self esteem issue, Thinking they are the only people who "Understand" them,
They don't even understand themselves.

Emos don't want you judging them (Even though they demand perfection with their make up and hair, Spending hours in the mirror making it look perfect.)

It's hard to not judge an Emo, When they are labeling themselves,

And when they want to be "Individuals", Even though they all listen to the same music, They all dress the same, Do their hair the same and talk the same way.

And when they want to be "Non Conformists", even though they all act the same way, They Non Conform by Wearing Black and Make Up, But When It Becomes The Point of a Fashion, Then you're conforming all over again.

When You "Judge" an Emo, They are hurt on the inside, And they feel that if they wear black, That can somehow protect them from being labeled, But nobody is easier to label than an Emo
"I'm an Emo, I'm not a boy, I'm not a person, I'm an Emo, so I'm judging myself but you mustn't judge me.
by Saiga August 15, 2008
emo has alot of definitions on urban dictionary most of them make fun of what they THINK is emo. so i felt compelled to write what it really is.

most people would define emo:
fag dark clothing
poser hot topic
self mutilation sad
skinny jeans myspace whore
black rim glasses loser

but the real definition is far from any of these things. what people are discribing is POSER emo. real emo kids dress however they want and dont really care what people think about them. they are themselves, sometimes they might take their emotions too far, but that is with any emotion. emo kids ,contrary to popular belief, are not always sad,sometimes they show signs of being bipolar. one minute they will be happy, the next they might be sad or mad.(schitzophrenic behavior might also be displayed)they depend alot on their friends to to bring them up when they're down, but most of them love life to an extent.
THAT is the real definition of emo.
poser emo 1:oh, im so depressed!
poser emo 2:yeah, me too! lets go to hot topic and buy dark clothing and more eyeliner.
poser emo 1:then we could go to wal mart and buy some razor blades!
poser emo 2:yeah! when we come back we could sit around and play that new hawthorne heights cd and write sad poetry on our myspace blog.
********* ********* ********* ********* ********* *********
emo 1:dude, what do you want to do today?
emo 2:whatever is fun
emo 1:nevermind i just got sad all of a sudden
emo 2:oh come on, lets go over to emo 3's house, you know she can always cheer you up
emo 1: yeah you're right. lets go have some fun!
by lilyda April 09, 2008