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A country steeped in both sucess and failure, and hated by many, loved by few.

Lets take it's people for example, there are some amazingly decent people in England. There are great comedians, fantastic actors and brilliant musicians.

However, these are few and far between, for every good person, there are 20 'chavs' (the lower breed of society who have corrupted England, and make me loathe my own country)

I think however, you can say this about every country, for the American's perhaps its the 'redknecks'. For the scottish, perhaps its also chavs.

I think everyone that has seen the other's descriptions clouded in hate, you should really think to yourself; is it right to stereotype an ENTIRE nation, based on the acts that you SEE in the media.

For example, you probably didn't know that Stephen Hawking would only be alive thanks to our health service?

That wasn't publicised much, because people love to hate and they always will.

Lose the crumpet, tea, teeth etc stereotype and make some judgments for yourself, instead of the crappy view the media presents you.

If your so much better people, then you shouldn't judge like that :-)
England has its up and down's, our support for other's has corrupted our gene pool and ruined our country. There is still some good left, and that should be nurtured, not ignored.
by Azton January 09, 2010
Simple really?

That kids emo(tional) let him cry it out.
by Azton January 09, 2010
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