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The act, state, phase, or art of being Emo. The practice of Emo.
We sat and discussed Shawn's emoisms.
by Lauren MG Di S July 03, 2006
In the state of being emo and a moron.
"Jane" is emo today, or PMSing.
by Mookle March 13, 2005
the religion of the emo kids, bascially the whole emo scene is a religion, made up for kicks
the people of emoism all look the same, cut themseleves, play guitar, write emo poetry, and do other typically emo things...have you hugged your emo kid today?
by XTCericaXTC June 28, 2006
its wot emoist people people against emos follow...
"omg emos are so gay!"
this person is following emoism
like racism - racist
sexism - sexist
by Candii___x June 09, 2006